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Have you ever tried uncooked rice to wash your hair or natural slug juice as a lip gloss? I say, if you are going to go all natural, go all the way!

Just kidding...

You have actually convinced me to try some of this natural stuff. My old motto was "Better living through chemicals". But that was before I went through rehab!

Very funny! There are actually a lot of really good natural or organic products that work just as well or better than chemical laden toxic soups that you put your face.

The blog looks great .. Lots of good information. My latest concern is PCB's. I saw a program on PBS about Chesapeke Bay and that EPA limits for PCB's are 25 parts per million.. In this spot they were 9000 and some parts per million. It was due to Boeing and alot of the planes and things they built during WWII. I am now concerned as I live only blocks from Matherfield and a few miles from Areojet
where alot of activity of that kind has gone on for decades. One of the results of exposure to PCB's is femaleization of the male fish. Well I can tell you this for sure my son is not a fish and has had Gynomastia "male breasts" since he was about age 12. The Dr. said not to worry but I am very worried. This is real life here and where I live. I am anxious to see about getting testing done here as I am sure it it is direct result of exposure.

I know what you mean. I am going to cover this topic more in depth in the near future. PCB's are everywhere and they are causing numerous health problems to adults and children.

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