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Hi sarah!. I was trying your advise with my son. I bought a soy milk for him today and a cod liver oil. You didn't mention bow to take the cod liver oil, if it's to put onto his skin, like lotion, or really "take" it like orally? I tried to put it onto his skin because i thought you meant to use it as lotion, coz I personally don't want to give it to him orally without the docto's opinion. please explain further. thanks.

Hello Christina,
Thank you for commenting. I will be sure to up date this post to include more detailed information about how to take the supplements. Cod liver oil should be taken orally. The recommended dosage is 1-2 tablespoons per day. I choose Carlsons Cod liver oil because it is pharmaceutical grade and it has a nice lemon flavor. Soy milk may or may not be a trigger for your sons skin condition. Raw carrot juice is also another great source of calcium. Write down everything he eats and see how his skin reacts. Sugar really caused a lot of problems with my child. I realize that you want to get a doctors opinion and that is great, but remember that many mainstream doctors have not been trained in nutrition. They are simply taught to prescribe medications. I recommend seeing a doctor who is open to natural treatments, like a Naturopath or open minded MD. Our fist doctor just wanted to give my son creams and he would not even address nutrition. Good luck! Please let me know how your son improves. :)

Sarah :)


My son is 8 months old, 1 tablespoon is ok? the cod liver oil I bought smells really bad, i think the lemon flavor one would be better. he's been taking soy milk 3 days now, so far, no improvement yet. I will try the carlsons cod liver oil. thanks and will update you. I already brought my son to a dermatologist when he was 5 months old, he prescribed creams with steroids for his face and body, and yeah I am trying to go as natural as possible. Thanks.

Hello Christina,

The cod liver oil should not smell bad. The Carlson's brand is a little more expensive but the quality is excellent! They also have a lemon flavor which makes it easier to take down. For a child as young as your son I recommend diluting the cod liver oil in some purified water. You can give it to him in a sippy cup. I would fill the sippy cup about half way and put 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil. However, if he doesn't usually like water, try another beverage that he does like and have him drink it that way. I found that I needed to be very careful with juices because they made my sons skin break-out as well. Raw carrot, and apple juice made fresh from our juicer seemed to help his skin, so I would put that in a sippy cup for him often rather than store bought juices. You can also take the cod liver oil for your own health needs. I find that it really helps with my knee pain. (I have arthritis in my knees).

As for the creams and steroids. Only use tiny amounts when he really needs it. If you use too much it can make the condition worse and the body will become more and more dependent on the steroids. One major side effect to watch out for is thinning of the skin. Steroid shots can also be very dangerous for boys because they can lead to infertility problems later on in their life. If you can I highly recommend that you visit a Naturopathic doctor. Your doing the right thing for your son. Please keep me up dated on how he is doing. If you like you can also connect with me on Facebook. I have so many pics of my little boys on that site. Just search for me under Sarah Ince.

I found several sarah ince on facebook.. i dont know which one to click. thanks. love to talk to u on facebook, will be easier.

Hi Christina,
I guess I didn't realize there were so many Sarah Inces. The email address associated with my account is sarahkitty27@aol.com

Just send me an invite. I would love to see pictures of your little guy. You can always talk to me on the blog as well.

Sarah :)

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing about your son's eczema. Our story with our daughter almost mirrors yours exactly and I took great comfort in reading your post :)

We too have been going through the food elimination diet trying to get to the root of the problem. The allergist we were sent to was no help at all as he told us that the eczema is in no way related to allergens coming through my breast milk and we were told to cover our daughter with cortisone creams until she is between 4 and 7 years old! We are completely opposed to that idea so we continue our search for natural alternatives. Thanks again for sharing your story!

Thank you :) I am so glad you took comfort in reading our story. :)

My son also has been struggling with eczema (he is 8 years old). I have also been trying natural treatments, since the doctors only want to prescribe, and most of the creams they prescribe burn my sons skin. Last year I started rubbing organic cold pressed sesame oil into his skin. I do this every night, and he has been eczema free since last October. Unfortunately, he is having his first break out in a year and I am trying to get it back under control. I slacked off a bit on the sesame oil since his skin seemed to be totally clear, but now I am back to doing it 2x a day. I also only use "free and clear" detergents, and am giving him "go fish" omega 3 gummy vitamins daily. I am trying to cut milk back to see if this helps. Can you suggest any vitamin that is "kid friendly" and he will take? That I can give him in addition to the omega 3? I have taken him to a dermatoligist, and allergist and of course his regular doctor, and I have had better luck doing research myself. I started to use sesame oil because I had found an ointment called whole skin ointment, from a holistic wellness center, that cleared his skin up last year within 2 weeks. It was quite pricey, and I still use it on him during breakouts, but I researched the ingredients, and I think the sesame oil was the one doing the trick. (plus an 8 oz bottle is only $20 as oppossed to $40 for 2 oz.)

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